Our Strategies

Rayliant Global Advisors delivers innovative investment solutions spanning from quant-active smart beta strategies to more complex alternatives and multi-asset strategies.

Quant-Active Smart Beta

Rayliant offers deep understanding of how to design, implement, and integrate smart beta into an investor’s portfolio. Our unique quantamental approach of incorporating fundamental insights into a quantitative based portfolio construction process seeks to overcome challenges inherent in either fundamental-only or quantitative-only investment strategies. We use a range of traditional factors (e.g. value, profitability) together with a set of proprietary quantitative signals designed to exploit market specific inefficiencies and generate excess returns.


Rayliant leverages our expertise in global markets and factor-based research to develop multi-asset strategies and build dynamic asset allocation models. Our consistent, disciplined quant-driven framework utilizes strategic and tactical decisions that seek to generate excess returns across asset classes over a market cycle. This disciplined repeatable process powers our comprehensive OCIO solution.


Rayliant expands our factor expertise into non-traditional asset classes (e.g. commodities, volatility) to offer diversified and alternative risk premium across markets. These strategies, such as multi-factor CTA and tail risk hedging, complement the long only toolkit and serve as either a standalone absolute return sleeve or building blocks for a risk premium portfolio.


Jason Hsu, Founder and Chief Investment Officer